8 must have wordpress plugins in your wordpress website

Choosing the right WordPress plugins for your website can be difficult. The sheer number of free and premium plugins, and the amount of information circulating about them, often put in hours and hours of research to help people decide on the best plugins for their sites.
Luckily, we’ve put together this collection of top WordPress plugins to help you save time and make sure you have the best plugins installed and running on your site. We made sure that we included several plugins that would add all the necessary functionality to your WordPress site, as well as plugins that added powerful advanced features to give your website a competitive edge.
So let’s see what WordPress plugins are

  1. Best Contact Plugins

    Whether you’ve got a business, blog, eCommerce website, you’ll got to create a form sooner or later. For that, WordPress Form Builder plugins are often quite useful for you.

    1 Everest forms
    2 Contact Form7

  2. Best Page Builder Plugins

    Are you looking for the best WordPress drag & drop page builder plugins?
    Want to design your site itself without hiring a website developer.
    Then, drag and drop page builder help you to build a fully customized and stunning website layout without touching a line of coding.

    1.  Elementor
    2. Divi

  3. Best Image Optimization Plugins

    Lightweight images mean quicker loading time and enhanced website performance.
    Using high-quality images to create more visual content for your audience is now becoming the most powerful asset to grab user’s attention and to increase user retention.
    But using excessive images can also slow down your site’s performance in terms of their speed and a slow website can also put a negative impact on your site

    1. Smush
    2. a3 Laze Load

  4. Best Social Media Plugins

    Social media are often considered as a backbone of online business, if you’re not giving proper time and efforts to social media you’re probably missing an enormous part of your business. Social media not only helps in promoting your products online but also helps you to bring huge traffic to your websites.

    1. Social Media Share Buttons
    2. WordPress Social Sharing

  5. Best Sliders Plugins

    nteractive content that keeps website visitors engaged is a great way of promoting products, boosting sales and sharing the latest business news. By adding sliders to your site, you can grab the attention and highlight relevant info. Fortunately, with so many WordPress slider plugins on the market, you can do it fast & easy, without knowing a single code line. All you need is a responsive, easy-to-use and fast plugin option that will be your helping hand.

    1. Slider Revolution
    2. Smart Slider3

  6. Best Spam Protection Plugins

    You’ve finally done it, your site is gaining traction, and you’re getting more traffic than ever before. However, once your site starts to select up your traffic, you would possibly also notice the increase of something else, too: spam comments.

    If you run a WordPress blog or website and have comments enabled, then you’re probably cognizant of the spam comments that fill your inbox. These are often a nuisance to sort through and delete yourself, but you don’t want to prevent moderating comments and have spam comments refill your site.

    1.  Akismet

    2. Antispam bee

  7. Best Search Engine Optimization Plugins

    Without optimizing your website for search engines, you’re not going to get much value out of it. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very essential for every website that’s keen on attracting organic traffic.

    Nevertheless, SEO isn’t just about driving traffic to your website. It also asserts the importance of quality content that speaks to the needs of your website’s target audience.

    1. Yoast SEO
    2. Rank Match
    3. All in one Seo Pack 

  8. Best Google Analytics Plugins

    Google Analytics is that the most preferred free web analytics tool to trace and report website traffic. Launched in 2005, Google Analytics now has quite 50 million websites in its kitty. W3Techs suggests that Google Analytics is employed by 52.9 percent of all websites online. It also provides a graph of the website’s traffic and statistics, visitor’s behavior, actions, etc.

    1.  Site Kit (Google)
    2. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin


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